NUKE Offroad Recumbent handcycle

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NUKE Offroad Recumbent handcycle

Reactive Adaptations Nuke Offroad Handcycle  sm

Three wheel hydraulic disc brakes standard


Tough fiberglass trays (optional carbon fiber)


Custom paint colors available


Crank steering


Handlebar steering


Multiple drive train options available


Rear suspension


Recumbent rider position


24″ inch offroad tires


Replaceable derailleur hanger


Electric Assist Option Available

The NUKE Off Road Recumbent handcycle is a unique, capable, rear wheel drive recumbent handcycle with rear suspension.  Rear wheel drive handcycles are superior and much more capable than their front wheel drive counterparts.  Traction and hill climbing with a rear wheel drive recumbent handcycle are second to none.  The Nuke was developed for riders not able to or not interested in riding in the prone position (kneeling, face down). The recumbent position is preferred by some riders.

The Nuke rear suspension provides improved ride quality, downhill speed control and improved traction uphill. The 24” wheels provide increased ground clearance, improved traction, increased speed, and a smoother ride. The frame joints in the Nuke are reinforced for integrity and reliability out on the trail.

Price starts at: $7,950.00 USD
…not including shipping, handling, or any applicable taxes.

NUKE Offroad Recumbent Handcycle – Tech Specs


  • Wheelbase = 49″
  • Center to center of front wheels = 32″
  • Total length is 74″ (dimension from front of front tire to rear of rear)


  • 3.5″ of rear suspension travel
  • Rock Shox RL shock with air spring
  • Lockout and rebound features standard

Frame Features:

  • Lightweight 4130 Chromoly construction
  • Custom Chromoly seat and chain stays
  • 24″ wheels
  • Replaceable derailleur hanger

Steering Features:

  • The Nuke can be steered with either the primary crankset or with handlebars located just behind each front wheel

Drivetrain Features (Rear Wheel Drive):

  • Schlumpf Mountain Drive (primary crankset)
  • The Mountain drive offers a 2.5:1 underdrive ratio and a 1:1 direct drive ratio (speeds)
  • Center double ring crankset (jackshaft) with standard 22/32 tooth ring gears further reducing overall gear ratio for climbing
  • Internal 8-Speed Alfine hub: (allowing riders to shift while stopped) – Other drivetrain options available see the order form.
  • Highest Gear = 95.5 gear inches
  • Lowest Gear = 12.75 gear inches

Seating Features:

  • Seat pan constructed of a layered fiberglass. Upgrades to carbon fiber available. See order form for more information.
  • Seat has 3″ of front to back adjustment to accommodate virtually any height of rider.
  • Both Seat and Knee rests come with:
    • High quality foam
    • Removable and washable athletic mesh cover
    • High strength nylon restraint belts and buckles

Foot Rest:

  • Foot rests adjust horizontally 6” and rotate 3.5” vertically to accommodate virtually any leg length.
  • Foot rest constructed of a layered fiberglass. Upgrades to carbon fiber available. See order form for more information.

NUKE Offroad Recumbent Handcycle – Options

  • Electric assist
  • Quad grips and Quad Brakes – ANYONE can ride the Nuke now
  • Frame bags
  • Seat pan and seat back widths
  • Powder coating color options
  • Rear racks
  • Carbon fiber upgrade
  • Multiple drive train options

Want more with your Nuke? Standard options are available on the order form. Not seeing what you want? Let us know what we can order for you!

NUKE Offroad Recumbent Handcycle – Order Form

If you’d prefer – you can download the NUKE order form here.